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Saturday, May 21, 2011

My LoW Ad - Day 1

Updating what I ate for lunch.... Nasi kenduri aka nasi minyak + beef curry + ulam + sambal belacan + ikan talang curry + dalca + air asam (pencicah) + 2 slices of orange & a glass of syrup. Banyak, kan? But I took in small quantity. Not so satisfying as the food was yummy but I had to control myself.... Berhenti makan sebelum kenyang (Stop eating before I was full). Then, while waiting for my kids to finish their music lesson, i ate a cup of delicious Sour Sop Cool Ice Kimo & cup corns... Later we headed to a water theme park (Carnivall) in SP. Hungry again so ate Maggi cup noodles + a glass of juice.. errr plus my kids' drinks too... hehehe... Guilty!

Tonight... For dinner... Steamboat... Can't say "NO".

In a nutshell.... my Day 1 isn't so successful. No worry. There's still tomorrow! Don't give up, wokey!:P

Friday, May 20, 2011

My LoW Ad-Day 1 (Breakfast & Lunch)

What did I eat this morning? Roti Arab dgn Sardin.... hmmmm.... and Horlicks... another hmmm...

Lunch? Kenduri kejap lagi...... alamak, abis ler My LoW Ad (My Losing Weight Adventure).... Calm down.. Don't panic. It's OK to eat but must control how much I eat. Btw, I want to do it slow & steady... no short cut... no stress... no pressure.... Losing weight isn't easy but should be FUN! Yeah!!! I'm sooo ready to go to the "kenduri".... hehehe.... Control the food intake, wokey!!

To Lose Or Not To Lose?

Roshey's World is always about me & me & me... I like poetry so whenever I feel like writing.. I just do it.... Yeah! I know most of my posts are my poems... which came straight from my thoughts. It's OK if you don't like them. I couldn't stop myself everytime the ideas came pouring in. I don't mind if people don't want to see my posts coz it's my world. It's so peaceful here. However, today it's different. No poem but more to the idea I call "To Lose Or Not To Lose".

Let me be honest... the idea has lingered for such a long time but procrastination is definitely a thief of time. I've delayed this plan though I know once I saw the number increased early of the year by 1kg I should take action. Better said than done! Yup! I really want to lose but it's been pending until TODAY!

Today, I learnt that my weight is 69.2 kg. Hmm.. Last year, 65. Early of the year 66 and now 69.2! Well, not as heavy as some other people but still this is something I've to stop before it's going to burden myself & my life. Even now, my health isn't as superb as before. I have lots of pains all over my body especially my feet. My hubby told me that sometimes our feet will cry in pain if our body is too heavy for them to handle... Just like what has happened to his auntie. She has to bear the pain due to her overweight body & endure surgery to lose her fat. I refuse to be fated to such fate. I'm sure I'm capable to control my body weight before all the fat takes control & ruins me!

That's why I've made up my mind to have a blog on my losing weight plan. By hook or by crook, it must go on as schedule. At first I thought I should start up a new blog yet after so much thinking & considering, I think Roshey's World is the best place. It's been My World & knowing that I can't handle too many blogs, let me post any entry about my losing weight adventure here. At least, this blog won't be abandoned....

Remember the date ya... 20 May.... 69.2kg. The adventure begins. I'll update anything related to my determination to get rid of the stubborn fat. Wish me the best of luck!!!!

pssttt... don't tell my hubby....let it be a surprise... hehehe...