the world i love so much...

Sunday, August 10, 2014


I wish....
I am slimmer and thinner.
So that all my old clothes
will welcome me happily.

I wish...
The extra fat is gone.
So that the bulky and the hideous
won't welcome the uninvited stares.

I wish...
I'd shed the extra pounds
So that my body will swing
as light as feather in action.

I wish..
I am fit and healthy.
So that I don't have to breathe heavily
tiring myself too easily.

Having too many wishes
without too much action
is definitely my biggest enemy
when laziness rules everything!

Sheer hard work...
right attitude..
are all good.

The trouble is..
I'm too comfortable.
Too much denial
brings me too my own destruction.

OMG! Please wake up!
I wish I am fully awake!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Seri wajahmu terpancar
dengan rona emas jingga
disulami perak bercahaya
mengusap lembut tanganku
terasa damai


A long hiatus indeed
So much to share
Yet not interested to bare
Too many things to say
Too voiceless to care

Every day has its tale
Locked & safe
Waiting till the right day arrives
Long to be buried
Later on forgotten
Let them rest in peace

Memories are to be cherished
Not to be hidden in darkness
Heart torn, contemplating
In silence

Take a deep breathe of today
Never rewind yesterday
Tomorrow will be future
Advice or reminder
Warning or prediction
Determines the journey

Minds ponder
Lingering thoughts
Caged or free
Still waiting...
Still thinking...

***at A.H. S. P. originally mine...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I am ME

paint but I'm not a painter. I draw but I'm not an artist. I write but I'm not an author. I sing but I'm not a singer. I dance but I'm not a dancer. I act but I'm not an actor nor an actress.

I make people laugh but I'm not a comedian. I make people scared but I'm not Freddy Kruger. I have my own followers but i'm not a king. I've enemies but I'm not a criminal. I influence people but I'm not a politician. I can change people but I'm not a magician.

I am me...

Sincerely me.

****(as posted in FB by me just now.... today)

Friday, July 15, 2011


Once the worlds collide
always seek deeper
never let lights blind you
never let talks deafen you
never let laughter poke you
never let rumours break you
never let madness rule you

Once the worlds collide
always have faith
as you are who you are

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Bracelet Is Missing

I'm depressed. I'm devastated. The day began quite chaotic. Rushing to send my kids for their tuition, went home & later on went to a kenduri. Nice food. Oily & fattening. Spoilt my new diet routine. Had to eat 'em all. Then, after the kenduri, while changing, I realised something was missing! My bracelet! MY GOLD HABIB JEWEL BRACELET was GONE! My fav bracelet was and is missing in action!

My fault... my mistake... I was careless. I didn't realise it fell off from my wrist. I was to be blamed for this missing piece of jewellery. What should I do? I've tried to seek for it almost everywhere but it's too small. Maybe someone took it & claimed it's his or hers. I panicked but I was helpless. I'm still helpless. I've no idea what to do. The expensive bracelet is somewhere but WHERE?

Ya Allah, the almighty God, please help me.... I'm in despair... I want my bracelet back!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today is already the 2nd day. I've tried to commit myself to this adventure... which has been postponed for such a long time. I hope the program will be my motivation to lose a few inches here & there as well as getting back my ideal weight. I'm not greedy. Losing 15kg within 50 days is fine.... hehehe...

If you want to know all about my personal quest to be slimmer & healthier, go to my other new blog HERE Yeah.. yeah.. yeah.. I know.. at first I wanted to share all my experience in losing weight here but somehow I'd like this world to be MY WORLD of peace & harmony. I need a place where only thoughts are expressed without limitation... So that's why the other world exists... all because of my new venture into the world of health & finess. No worry. I'll always visit this wonderful of ME coz I love being here....

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL... isn't it? & wish me the best of luck in MY LOSING WEIGHT ADVENTURE journey...