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Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Bracelet Is Missing

I'm depressed. I'm devastated. The day began quite chaotic. Rushing to send my kids for their tuition, went home & later on went to a kenduri. Nice food. Oily & fattening. Spoilt my new diet routine. Had to eat 'em all. Then, after the kenduri, while changing, I realised something was missing! My bracelet! MY GOLD HABIB JEWEL BRACELET was GONE! My fav bracelet was and is missing in action!

My fault... my mistake... I was careless. I didn't realise it fell off from my wrist. I was to be blamed for this missing piece of jewellery. What should I do? I've tried to seek for it almost everywhere but it's too small. Maybe someone took it & claimed it's his or hers. I panicked but I was helpless. I'm still helpless. I've no idea what to do. The expensive bracelet is somewhere but WHERE?

Ya Allah, the almighty God, please help me.... I'm in despair... I want my bracelet back!!!!!!

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